Always Feel Sleepy?


Always Feel Sleepy?


Feel Sleepy

Always Feel Sleepy?


If you are yawning while reading this, you may be one of those who suffer from a chronic state of sleepiness. Don’t worry; we won’t try to bore you too much with the details. But, if you are constantly battling fatigue day after day, there could be several underlying factors. Although enhancing your caffeine intake will help you make it through in the short term, but may want to start looking at the reasons behind your drowsy days.

Insufficient Rest

Do you wake up in the morning hitting your snooze alarm again and again? Do you feel tired, especially around lunchtime? Chances are, you may not be getting enough sleep at night. Although the rule of thumb is to get a solid eight hours, some people need more than that. Rest is one of the most important things that you can give your body because your brain and internal system recover and rejuvenate. If you feel sleepy all of the time, you may want to try to go to bed a little earlier. Although the body cannot make up for lack of sleep by sleeping more, creating good sleep habits may get you on the right track for daytime productivity.


We live in a fast-paced society that is over-worked, over-indulgent on information, and wired on either keeping up or getting ahead. A case of feeling sleepy could be your body trying to tell you that it is burnt out. You may physically be fine, but falling asleep at your desk at work. You may want to take a nap rather than take your kids to the park. An extreme mental or physical burnout case can leave you craving your bed rather than living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Mental Health

Depression can lead to you feeling sleepy, even if you aren’t tired. Mental health can play a significant role in your level of fatigue. If you are manic, you can go all the time, but eventually, you will make that swing, and your fatigue catches up to you. Or, you can suffer from anxiety, which will take a lot out of you physically and mentally. Depression can undoubtedly lead to you feeling sleepy, demanding that you stay in your pajamas and proximity to your couch. A simple trip to the therapist, some fresh air, or to a psychiatrist may honestly be what the doctor ordered if you think your mental health could be the underlying cause.

Hormonal Imbalance

Our bodies are incredible machines that try to maintain an average balance. However, as we age or go through many physical changes, our hormones can change, leading to a chronic state of sleepiness. Suppose your body is not producing enough of the good brain chemicals such as serotonin or dopamine or producing too much cortisol. In that case, it will knock you into a perpetual state of fatigue. Hormones and your nervous system can trick your brain into thinking that you need to sleep, even if you just tucked a good ten-hour night’s sleep under your belt.

Not Enough Calories

Food is fuel. When you are not taking in enough energy, your body will burn what it has in stock. The brain will yell at you for the lack of hydration or calorie intake in your system, and while it is burning sugars and fats that it has in storage, the feeling of fatigue may be a subtle reminder to refuel. Simple sugars will give you a quick boost, but they won’t last long since it doesn’t take the body long to burn them up. Those who are not eating enough will not have the energy to perform essential metabolic functions, like breathing, without feeling exhausted.

Larger Problem

If you feel sleepy all the time and have ruled out all of the causes above, a severe underlying condition like narcolepsy could be the cause. Narcolepsy is a condition where the body wants to fall asleep at any random time. Another problem could be sleep apnea at night, where the body is not obtaining enough air and oxygen and therefore is restless. Both conditions can create daytime sleepiness, and both require the guidance of a medical professional for treatment. If you have begun to eat right, sleep right, and get your mind and stress levels right and yet continue to feel sleepy, these are two conditions that your doctor will run tests for.

Feeling sleepy all of the time can be caused by an array of factors, and figuring out which one may lead to a period of trial and error. General good health will leave you feeling refreshed in the morning and have ample energy during the day. However, if the body’s systems are not functioning at their peak, and there is a mental or physical imbalance, chances are playing out by creating a tired feeling at the most inconvenient hours.

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